Just call us when it's done.

Now would be the handy time for a nice diorama of photos with short descriptions; since my brain is tired tonight & my calendar suggests that a post is due!

PizzaRustica turned out to be an interesting exercise; now Pizza it is NOT- thus the photo of the tomato sauce that I drug out of the cabinet just in case….it just seemed so not right…..Yet, as you faithful TWD bakers are teaching me; “Trust the recipe & it will happen.”

So I did- the crust formed easily- I did it by hand (that is my mission now in order to learn more about crusts by feeling them as they come together).  I did give it a little rest in the frig, mostly to suit my schedule.   Again, I jolted to a mind numbing halt- do I precook this thing or not?  Hummm, does not say to, so carry on!

The other ingredients were delightful- what’s not to love about proscuitto, cheeses, etc.   I chose to add some nice, fresh spinach & roasted red peppers- they contributed handsomely to this mixture!

And when this emerged from the oven- it redeemed itself (NOT pizza that it was) by being superbly delicious & a real keeper in the frig for 2 days.

Recipes can be found on our host blogs.  Go check out Emily of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.

I do like this.

It's All good!