I seem to be falling woefully behind with my cooking blog recipes and posts.   But I was determined to make up one of the Baking with Julia choices.   After reading all of your wonderful & enticing blogs and posts on the shortbread and sticky buns, I elected to go with the shortbread.   Butter, butter everywhere was the theme of the month, correct?Image

This created itself very willingly- the crust, i.e. shortbread, was a first for me, and I found this method very quick and easy…..bearing in mind that I tend to be a total crust and tart ninny!  I did do the grating in my trusty Cuisinart, and it went like a flash and had a gorgeous texture- I will most definitely use this way again!   For the filling, I bought fresh rhubarb (my DH loves it) and added a few fresh peaches that were hiding in the fruit basket.  Yum yum!!


My faithful little sous chef, Millie, waits as the crust chills in the freezer.


This recipe is a keeper- I will decidedly make it again and try out different fillings.

Our original hostesses for this recipe are Lynette of 1smallkitchen and Cher of The Not So Exciting Adventures of a Dabbler…, whose blogs should have the recipe posted.