Soft Texas rain

TWD- Popovers


These sound so darn simple; I mean- the little short ingredient list and all.   And, naturally, I have read all of your comments and suggestions on problems encountered.

Got it,   I will use custard cups,  heat the baking sheet, butter & spray like crazy, and reduce the oven temp and time.

They mix up simple and nice in my blender- eggs and milk room temp.  I grated just a tad of gruyere and topped 4 of the popvers with it. Oh,  I am doing so well here.


POP them in the oven (trite I know); I dare not peek for 22 minutes- then decrease the temp for about 15 more; voila!  They are puffy, golden and surely perfection.


I am sure you have guessed by now- every damn one of them was stuck like glue.

So we dig them out- eat hot with creamed honey and marvel at how totally delicious and melt in your mouth they taste.

???????  Have to figure this one out…….


Thank you to our gracious hosts for this week’s yummy “Baking with Julia” recipe,

Recipe available on Paula’s and Amy’s blogs!

the popover “chair”