I usually dive right into the yeast bread recipes with no trepidation, as I have enjoyed bread baking for many years.   Now, when I have to do a pie or tart crust, look out- I have very little confidence in that operation.

So I came home from a busy day out, with only 3 hours to spare until my husband’s bridge group of 8 guys showed up for their card game.  I revved up Herr Bosch, my trusty & very strong mixer, tossed all the ingredients in there, and let him do his thing. I swear- you can put up to 12 cups of flour in that dude, and it just muscles through.

I have been baking recently with a sourdough starter and had forgotten how quickly breads will rise when you use just yeast (I mean, compared to sourdough).

By the way, I could not locate any of that malt extract, so I used molasses- I love the taste of it in bread anyway.

The bread rose beautifully, and I pulled it out of the oven right before the guys arrived.

Of course, the house smelled like a little French bakery; which I found delightful!

After just a bit of cooling, I tasted a slice with just a touch of butter & salt-YUM!

Michele from Veggie Num Nums has the recipe and that gorgeous bread in her house.  And Teresa of The Family That Bakes Together has the recipe as well. Please link to their blogs as our gracious hostesses for this scrumptious recipe.

Soon to be enjoyed…..

Do I smell fresh bread, Mom?

Herr Bosch hard at work!

Silky round of dough.