Onions, lots of them….and they looked scrumptious melting in the red wine mixture.   I would probably scale down the sugar amount; personal preference thing, I am sure.  The dough behaved politely- even rolled & shaped in the pan well (sometimes I seem to fight that with pizza dough).

This made a substantial amount of onions;  enough for more than 2 pizzas, in my opinion.  I added some of my home-made tomato sauce over the onions and a combo of mozzarella and parmesan cheese with lovely fresh basil leaves on top of  it all.  My pan was a rectangular stone dish & the crust browned  beautifully and had a great texture.

Granted, the novelty of this recipe was the onion confit, and I think that it could be used in many different ways.   Otherwise, we had a basic pizza recipe and I will close by saying, “Who doesn’t love a delicious home-made, fresh crust pizza??”
Our host this week is  Paul of The Boy Can Bake. He has the recipe. Go drool at his blog.