I had my eye & taste buds on those madeleines; so decided to give them a whirl this week for rewind.   There were many comments posted on the P & Q link from all of you wonderful, very experienced bakers-  thank you, thank you.  This was my first genoise batter trial- I was very pleased to try it.  It seemed like an easy cake batter, except for the darn sifting!   Sift and re-sift- I just don’t grasp it- and then most of the other genoise/madeleine recipes I read, did not even use cake flour or sift; what gives here?

My eggs & sugar fluffed up perfectly with the 5 minutes of whipping- then I began the add this add that part (slowly, methodically even^&*).   All came together perfectly, then I looked over & saw my extract sitting there that had not been added!   Damn it!   I very carefully poured it on top & folded some more- wondering if I have dealt it the fateful blow.  This is where I took other advice-  I had buttered my pans twice & refrigerated them; so I went ahead & filled the molds & refrigerated them also for 3 hours.   Despite the fact that my portioning was not totally even in the pans- the little cuties looked promising.

You know, they are very tasty- but nothing spectacular- I adore the shell shape of the madeleine pans and would love to use them for other recipes.  Question posed- are there other recipes for madeleine pans?

You will enjoy checking out other TWD bakers recipes this week on this link,

LYL: Rewind!

PS- As you see from the picture, i did not have the Dachsie sous chefs in the kitchen today; they were extremely busy outside.

And I do not like to sift....

And I do not like to sift….

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There is a mouse in here!

There is a mouse in here!

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